My name is Leo Eom. I’m the founder of HERI Co., Ltd. Korea.
As a prosthodontist myself, I felt the need of improvement in dental implant prosthesis. So establishment HERI Co., Ltd. Korea was inevitable
Since its establishment in 2014, HERI Co., Ltd. Korea have supplied implant prosthesis with outstanding performance.
HERI Co., Ltd. Korea has been established under the concept of ‘easy, quick and accurate’.
Our product makes dentists and dental technicians possible to provide optimal implant prosthesis for patients.
With years and numbers of clinical data given by several dentists, it proves it’s own reliability.
the accumulated experience and our frontier spirit, we will achive our goal ‘provide best implant prosthesis for dentists and patients’.



HERI Co., Ltd. Korea
4F, 354, Gangnam-daero, Seoul, Korea

HERI Co., Ltd. Korea

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