HERI System; Optimized for digital implant

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HERI System is screw-type zirconia prosthesis system for dental implant.

HERI System, HERI Abutment and HERI Scanbody (GMS Scanbody),
enables manufacturing implant prosthesis for 30 different kinds implant.

HERI System was able to prove its reliability with over 50,000 cases in 9 years.
Once you purchase HERI Abutment and HERI Scanbody (GMS Scanbody),
library will be provided with no free download.


HERI Abutment

Various connection support
Library support
High retention

HERI Scanbody

HERI Intra-Oral Scanbody
Digital Implant Technology
GMS Scanbody


Flowable Pattern Resin
Light Curing

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